eAlternatives To Liquid Fuel Gel For Your Ceramic Firepot, Flamepot, Firelite – Solid Fuel, Single Use Cans, Organica

When the first firepots/flamepots/firelites came out they were immediate hits. Besides being decorative and attractive, they created an ambiance, enhancing the mood of any event. Indoors or out, from romantic encounters to party time, or just a relaxing few moments by yourself, these ceramic or glass or metal adornments added a comfortable aura with their […]

Fuel for WindFlame and patioglo Firepots On Its Way

Spoke yesterday with the WindFlame representative, finally with some good news. They are offering a different method to fuel their firepots, which should work for those with openings of 2.7 inches (about 2-5/8 inches) or larger, up to several inches, and should work equally well with both WindFlame and patioglo firepots. For the time being […]

Which Firepots Have A Workable Fuel Gel Substitute & How to Identify Them.

We are going to use the products Model Number to help identify which firepots have a fuel gel solution available. The model number shows on the products description listing to the right of the picture, at the bottom. On the Category Index and Search Index pages, the Model Number is just above the picture.


New Bird Brain Solid Fuel Gel and The Firepots That Can Use It

We’ve been spending a lot of time lately on the topic of Liquid Fuel Gel, it’s recall, and the available substitutes. At this point, the only Firepots that have been addressed are the larger Bird Brain Firepots, those that have a reservoir diameter of 2.5 inches. The Solid Fuel Gel 6 Packs (which have been […]

Firepot Fuel Gel Now Available and Other News

Well, folks, we took delivery on our first shipment of the new solid gel from Sterno/Bird Brain, and it looks just as advertised. One thing that was not mentioned before, frankly we didn’t even think about it, is that this can only be used outdoors, according to the package warnings. But we have never used […]

New Bird Brain/Sterno Firepot Solid Fuel Gel Due For Delivery Today

We’ve received confirmation that Fedex will be delivering this today, and we’ll be checking it in and shipping the back orders as soon as it gets in. This 6-pack of fuel comes with a ring adapter and removal tool for the single use cans that can be used in Firepots with 2.5 inch receptacle holes. […]

Bird Brain Solid Fuel Gel To Replace Liquid Fuel Gel

All of you Firepot owners out there that can’t find liquid fuel gel for your fire pot can take heart. It’s been reported to us that it looks like Bird Brain now has a replacement coming out so you can start using your firepots again. They’ve teamed with Sterno and come up with a solid […]