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Wednesday 24 August, 2011

Hi Daron and Ashley,

I received your incredibly beautiful and wonderful chimes today. I have purchased from you before and absolutely love the items I have received. Every thing is exceptional about your company: exemplary customer service, beautiful inventory and 100% complete customer satisfaction in every way.

I noticed you provided a refund to me for overage on shipping. You did not need to do that. I believe in shipping and "handling". You have over extended yourself in providing excellent secure packaging, rapid delivery and resolved every problem and more with whatever could go wrong with the shipping. I would gladly pay even more then you charge for that (remember I live in Hawaii).

I will continue to purchase items from you on Ebay. I would also like to visit your website and purchase items there. I will do that. You are wonderful and I hope at the end of each day you commend yourselves for your exceptional work.

Many blessings and warmest aloha,

Testimonial By: barbskiphd

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