Hand Crafted Recycled Oil Drums Haitian Wall Art!

Nesting Birds Wall Art created from a recycled oil drum by Haitian artisans. Simply beautiful.

Birds In Flight Wall Art - Finely detailed by skilled Haitian artisan, created from a recycled oil drum.

Another finely detailed metal sculpture, Fish Underwater is by a skilled Haitian artisan, created from a recycled oil drum.

The Garden Tree Wall Art is an excellent example of the talent and passion needed to recycle a used oil drum into a beautiful piece of metal sculpture!

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, Haitian Metal Wall Art
These used oil drums that are hand crafted by Haitian artisans into marvelous and beautiful pieces to decorate your home, inside and outside, with long lasting wall art sculptures.
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  • Manufactured by: Parasol

Red Glass Flower Feeding Tubes

Hummingbird Feeder Accessories by Parasol (BEEPROOFFFT)

New For 2009!

Parasol has come up with a great solution to bees fouling your hummingbirds' nectar! What they've done is fashion an ingenious insert that blocks the bees from entering. The hummers can suck but the bees can't get in.

This is the same Flower Feeding Tube for Parasol's Mini-Blossom and Bouquet feeders. This red hand-blown glass feeding flower fits Parasol's Mini-Blossom feeders including the Chandelier, Balance, Gloria, Habita Flora, Habita Folklore, Gelato, Lollipop, Victoria, Mini-Blossom on a stake, Mini-Blossom on a hanger, Mini-Blossom on a Trellis, Hanging Basket and Kinetic Mini-Blossom, and Bouquet Feeders including the Classic, Anniversary Bouquet, Heart, Butterfly, Fleur, Sailboat, Basketweave, Ferris Wheel, Lunch Pail and Flower Boxes as well as the Bloom, Pot de Creme and Flower Pot feeders.

The tube is approximately 2 inches long, the flower is about 1-7/8 inches wide and is hand blown from recycled glass, so the measurements can vary some but shouldn't be much larger than these.

Gift cards are also available. Just request one at the time you order.

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