Bird Feeding Tips

Tips for Caring for your Backyard Birds this fall and winter....

Welcome new guests to your feeders this fall! Beautiful birds are often year-round residents in many yards. Invite a whole new group of birds to visit during fall migration season. Weary winged travelers heading towards their winter homes appreciate an offering of food, drink, bath and shelter along their migratory route.

Feeders and food for one and all! First, examine the feeders you currently use--are they clean, safe and fully operational? If not, scrub, repair or replace old feeders. An assortment of feeder styles will attract a variety of birds--certain birds prefer platforms, others will only use ground feeders, and many respond well to suet feeders. We would be glad to assist you with selecting the feeders and food that are right for the birds you want to attract.

Build a brush-pile for the birds. Locate an inconspicuous corner of your yard and heap raked leaves, clippings, branches and twigs into a mound. Insects will thrive beneath the cover of the brush-pile and insect-eating birds will happily forage through the debris looking for food. Birds will also use the pile for shelter on a cold or windy night.

Birds must have water for survival. Migrating birds need a clean source of water for drinking and bathing. Bathing keeps feathers in top-flight condition. If you live in a region where temperatures dip below freezing at night purchase a bath with a built-in heater, or add a plug-in heater to your existing bath. Check your baths daily and remove any debris immediately--and keep them filled to ensure an abundant supply of fresh, clean water.

You're sure to experience a tremendous sense of satisfaction knowing you have assisted our feathered friends along in their amazing, yet arduous autumn journey. Fall truly is an exciting time of the year for bird-lovers!

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