Rain & Weather Shields & Baffles

Protect your bird feeders and feeding birds from heat and rain with these handy additions to the feeder. Both heat and rain spoil the hummers' nectar and cause bird seed to wither and rot. Help keep more of the food available for the avian creatures during the weather changes that affect them.


Rain & Weather Shields & Baffles

18'' Brushed Copper Weather Shield COPPERTOP Brushed Copper Series by Woodlink (COPLEAF18) This gorgeous shield provides protection for your...


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NEST BUILDING BALL - 100% Cotton & Yarn Tails - Birds Choice

Mounting Flanges & Nest Material

Bird's Choice COTTONTAIL NEST BUILDING BALL 100% Cotton & Yarn Tails (CNB) Combination of 100% cotton and yarn tails. Comes complete and ready to...


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New Products For October - Feeder Accessories By Type

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