Backyard Designs Houses

Great natural wood bird houses by Backyard Designs include homes for wrens and chickadees, bluebirds. Choose from several natural wood designs with stained green roofs.

CHICKADEE HOUSE Red Cedar Wood - Backyard Designs Evergreen

Backyard Designs Houses

    EVERGREEN CHICKADEE HOUSE HANDCRAFTED RED CEDAR WOOD 15" X 8.25" X 7" by Backyard Designs (00216 2)  ...


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Deluxe Evergreen BLUEBIRD HOUSE Red Cedar by Backyard Designs

All Bird Houses

Deluxe Evergreen Bluebird House by Backyard Designs (8 13467 00218 6) This sturdy Deluxe Bluebird nest box should be mounted on a pole with the...


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